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SO-CAL Speed Shop Brake Line Kit Installation Instructions - continued

  • STEP 11:
    Install the line between the red residual valve and the proportioning valve.

  • STEP 12:
    Install the short kinked line to the rear brake line tab.

  • STEP 13:
    Install the brass Tee fitting to your axle housing. SO-CAL axles come pre-drilled and tapped. If your axle is not drilled you’ll need to drill it 25/64” and tap it 7/16-20.
    Note: The Tee fitting is held in place by a special SO-CAL vent tube needed to vent the axle. You’ll need to run a hose up out
    of the way to prevent the oil from siphoning out.

  • STEP 14:
    Install the fixed lines that run from the Tee fitting to the rear brake drums.

  • STEP 15:
    Once all the lines and components have been temporarily installed you can install the line clamps. Carefully choose the position for your clamps to avoid other components.

  • STEP 16:
    Mark the position of the line clamp with a center punch.

  • STEP 17:
    Drill a #21 pilot hole.

  • STEP 18:
    Tap the hole 10-32.

  • STEP 19:
    Blow away any chips and oil.

  • STEP 20:
    Screw the line clamp into position.