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SO-CAL Speed Shop Brake Line Kit Installation Instructions

SO-CAL Speed Shop brake line kit

The SO-CAL Speed Shop disc front/drum rear Brake Line Kit has been engineered specifically for the
SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ chassis. While it may be possible to “adjust” it to fit other ’32 chassis, we can not guarantee it. Installation of the kit can be easily carried out using regular shop tools. Each piece of stainless line is tagged for placement and if you follow these step-by-step instructions the job can be easily completed in a couple of hours. NOTE: Do not fully tighten the fittings until you have trial-fitted all the lines and located and installed the line clamps.

  • STEP 1:
    Begin by installing the “fixed” components, the master cylinder and the Wilwood proportioning valve. A bracket for the master cylinder and a boss for the proportioning valve are part of the SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ chassis package. Hardware for the proportioning valve is included and it should be mounted with the handle pointing downward, towards the ground for easy adjustment after the car is completed.
  • STEP 2:
    Install the front part of the brake line system first. Begin with the line from the master cylinder and run it down the driver’s side of the chassis. Remember, only hand tighten the fitting into the SO-CAL master cylinder—part #030-70571.
  • STEP 3:
    Install the blue (2 psi) Wilwood residual valve using the included brass fittings.

  • STEP 4:
    Install the next piece of line. Remember to run it through the hole in the top of the engine mount.

  • STEP 5:
    Install the brass Tee junction

  • STEP 6:
    Install the flexible front brake lines into the tabs on the chassis.

  • STEP 7:
    Install the U-shaped line that runs from the brass Tee down to the chassis driver’s side tab.

  • STEP 8:
    Install the line that runs along the backside of the front crossmember. It is bent at the end to align with the passenger side front brake line tab.

  • STEP 9:
    Return to the master cylinder and install the rear brake line.

  • STEP 10:
    Install the red (10 psi) Wilwood residual valve.